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Kentucky Board of Licensed Nursing Home Administrators

Kentucky Board of Licensure for Long-Term Care Administrators
Kentucky Revised Statutes

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KRS 216A.010 Definitions.
KRS 216A.020 Short title.
KRS 216A.030 License required.
KRS 216A.040 Kentucky Board of Licensure for Nursing Home Administrators -- Membership.
KRS 216A.050 Terms of board members -- Consecutive terms restricted.
KRS 216A.060 Officers -- Meetings -- Quorum -- Technical advisory committees -- Compensation.
KRS 216A.070 Duties and powers of board.
KRS 216A.080 Requirements for issuance of license.
KRS 216A.090 Renewal of license.
KRS 216A.100 Provisional license.
KRS 216A.110 Fees and charges.
KRS 216A.120 Courses of instruction -- Approval of out-of-state courses.
KRS 216A.130 Reciprocity.
KRS 216A.140 Appeal.
KRS 216A.150 Violations.
KRS 216A.990 Penalties.